Pioneer Cabin

tribute to an Idaho landmark

Pioneer Cabin seen from a distant ridgeline in the Pioneer Range


Pioneer Cabin may conjure up images of early settlers, but Pioneer references the mountain range where it is located, not the people who constructed it.

The beautiful Pioneer Range of central Idaho has been a well-kept secret in some ways for many years. To the northwest lies the famed Sawtooth Range, and to the northeast the highest mountains in Idaho make up the Lost River Range. But there is no finer, no more scenic range than "the Pio's."

Pioneer Cabin was constructed near Sun Valley in 1937 on a mountain saddle overlooking the western front of the range and took on the name.

The panoramic view on the saddle just west of Pioneer Cabin demonstrating the power of the place
Site author Todd Schwarz enjoying a moment at the cabin

about this site

My name is Todd Schwarz and I began visiting the cabin in my youth in the late 1970's. Since then, I've trekked to the cabin more times than I can count, and been witness to the great care and respect provided to the place.

As a photographer I once considered creating something of a coffee table book, but recognized that it probably made more sense to simply do this very simple website that explains a bit of the history and mountain lore of the area. I hope you enjoy it!

Some of my own stories are described in the my stories section of the site. For more of my photography and excursions in the Pioneer Range, see my website: You can contact me via email: