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Whether it's just a series of photographs or something I've written, this section of the site is more personal and specific to me. In June 2023 I presented My Pioneer Cabin Story at The Community Library in Ketchum and they captured the video which you can view on Vimeo.

I believe that everyone who has visited the cabin over the years has their own story to own is far from definitive. But I very much enjoy sharing it. If you have an interest in a lecture, slide show, access to photographs, history, or any other scenario, I'm happy to discuss with you. I can be contacted via

Terry Patterson and I at the summit of Handwerk Peak

When I complete a hike, climb, or other "adventure," I'll typically select some of my favorite photos, assemble them, and add captions in order to tell that particular story and share them with friends. I've placed links to some of them on this site for anyone to enjoy.

Many more are available on the adventures page at

The sun rises over the spine of the Pioneer Range

On my first winter trip to the cabin in 1980 I had quite an adventure with three friends. We were largely winter travel rookies on snowshoes. Shortly after I wrote a short story about the trip that you can read here.

the panorama collection

Over the years I've accumulated a number of panoramic shots of the cabin and vista from the Corral Creek saddle. These are from all seasons.

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Pioneer Cabin from The Paymaster

Since every location visible from Pioneer Cabin into the Pioneer Range is then a possible photographic opportunity itself (especially with a telephoto lens), I will typically try to catch a shot of the cabin from some of those places, particularly summits of the nearby mountains. I thought it made sense to organize them into a collection and slideshow.